Black Practice Pad for copperplate calligraphy

Black Practice Pad for copperplate calligraphy

Finally long wait is over for perfect copperplate calligraphy practice pad !!! 

Filled with 60pages of smooth black paper with smooth surface perfect for copperplate 
calligraphy , dip pen , modern and brush pen lettering. Pages are with ruled with 5mm , 6mm and 7mm x-height gray guide lines with 55 degree
angle slant line to each x-height. 

 Specifications of pad :- 
1. 120 gsm paper 
2. 60 pages smooth black tinted paper
3. Strong pad with perforated pages for detachment smoothly 
4. Gray scale lines
5. Bleed proof 

* X height – 5mm, 6mm and 7mm all combine with a ratio of 2:1:2 
* Best for daily practice

Kolhapur Maharashtra  India 416002