Practice pad set (Black and White )

Practice pad set (Black and White )

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This is Discounted set of both practice pad. You can save Rs. 185/- on this deal. 

*Limited stock 

Filled with 60 pages of smooth black and white paper with smooth surface perfect for copperplate 
calligraphy , dip pen , modern and brush pen lettering. Pages are with ruled with 5mm , 6mm and 7mm x-height gray guide lines with 55 degree
angle slant line to each x-height. 

 Specifications of pad :- 
1. 120 gsm paper 
2. 60 pages smooth black and white tinted paper
3. Strong pad with perforated pages for detachment smoothly 
4. Gray scale lines
5. Bleed proof 

* X height – 5mm, 6mm and 7mm all combine with a ratio of 2:1:2 
* Best for daily practice

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